Sample setups files showing Roorka’s capabilities and how to create messages.

Attached video was created in order to present most of the possible options and to help You understand a whole process of the simulation and Roorka’s working. With this intro we are starting our series of tutorials and videos about Roorka. You will learn about the product, how does it work or how to make Your own setups.
This video shows exemplary setup for 40m FIM dive.
Watch and have a taste of Roorka’s capabilities!

Factory setups
  • EN13319_5 – factory setup based on periods (till 15m depth message every 7s, deeper every 11s)
  • EN13319_6 – factory setup based on distance (till 60m depth message every 3m, deeper every 5m) –
    required v. of firmware or higher
Deep diving
  • 01: depth – only current depth messages every 5s (“three meters” e.g.)
  • 02: depth & summary – same as above + dive summary after surfacing (“maximal depth: six point three meters”)
  • 03: depth & time & summary – same as above + current dive time information (“dive time: one minute and eleven seconds” e.g.)
  • 04: depth & time & surface protocol & summary – same as above + surface protocol (“…, remove facial equipment, show OK, say I’m OK, …”)
  • Balimatias – for every happy Man on Bali 😉 – You can dive deeper and share Your success with friends after that


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