Utility software (FLIP)

FLIP 3.4.7 for Windows by ATMEL
The software created by CPU manufaturer and supports in-system programming.
Neccessary for firmware update in embeded microcontroler.
Firmware update mode enter is available in ROORKAsoft environment. Return from this mode to normal state too.

ROORKA – firmware

Current version

ROORKA firmware v.

  • new functionality: logbook;
  • improvement of average calculating resolutions;
  • braking old dive messages and start with new one at the start of dive;
  • minor fixes;
Previous versions

ROORKA firmware v.

  • power management update;
  • improvement of depth segment messages triggers – especially in case of rapid depth variations;

ROORKA firmware v.

  • updated recognition of diving phases (descent, bottom, ascent);
  • improved average speed calculation (descent, ascent);
  • atmospheric pressure calculation developed (known issues with unexpected dive start during fly transport at very low minimal depth treshold ~0,2m setup);
  • dive simulation ready;

ROORKA firmware v.

  • allows to trigger messages at specified depth segment (every 3m e.g. – so far only at the specified period);
  • rounding instead truncating of fractional values at integer pattern messages;


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